Order Intake – Blog Posts

  • Keywords or Keyword Phrases

    Please list any keywords or keyword phrases you want us to include in your posts.

    After we write your posts, we can either submit them to you as Word documents for you to post on your own, or you can create a contributor account for us in Wordpress.

    We recommend that you create a contributor account because it saves you the hassle of having to add the post in Wordpress yourself. It also saves you the hassle of having to select, size, and add a photo to accompany the post (that is safe for commercial reuse), create relevant tags, and fill in the SEO settings.

    And don’t be nervous, a contributor account doesn’t give us any administrative access to your actual blog or website, it simply allows us to submit a post for you to review and ultimately publish.

    If you don’t know how to create a contributor account in Wordpress, it’s easy as pie! Here are the instructions:

    1. Login to your Wordpress Account
    2. From your dashboard select “users”
    3. Click “add new” and fill in the user information
    4. From the “Role” menu, select “Contributor”
  • If there are any additional instructions, information, or details you would like us to know before writing your posts, please list them here.