Google Hangout (HOA): How to Grow Your Small Business With a Blog

google-hoa-grow-businessIn a recent Google Hangout (or HOA), I hosted a panel of successful online entrepreneurs and blogging experts with the purpose of helping small business owners learn how to grow their operations in the online arena through the creation of on-site blogs. The topics covered included in my Google Hangout included:

  • The benefits of having a business blog
  • Right and wrong ways to blog for your business
  • Coming up with topics (or topic ideation) for your business blog
  • Why so many businesses still don’t have a blog – and why they should
  • Different ways to promote your blog posts and your business blog

My fabulous guests for this Google Hangout included:

  • Gail Gardner, founder of
  • Crystal VanTassel, founder of
  • Kelli Miller, founder of

Gail Gardner brings to the table a wealth of information on social media as well as small business branding and strategy. With her website,, she provides small businesses with information regarding proven methods of growing their online operations. She also offers marketing and consulting services for small businesses and acts as a mentor to bloggers and small business owners looking to expand their online operations.

Crystal VanTassel is a blogging veteran of six years. She is a successful mommy blogger who hails from Dallas, TX, where she manages In addition, she works with Kelli Miller to bring other mommy bloggers (and bloggers in general) free information and advice about growing blogs via a weekly Google Hangout, #LearntoBlog, airing Tuesdays at 10am CST.

Kelli Miller is an internationally renowned mommy blogger from southern Alabama who has been blogging since 2006. She runs the popular website where she discusses home schooling and homemaking tips. For the last year and a half she has split her time between blogging and running the Learn to Blog Google Hangout site with Crystal VanTassel.

The knowledge and combined experience of the women on this panel provides viewers with an in-depth look at the power of blogging, particularly as it pertains to business blogs and their potential for helping online operations to expand. The benefits of blogging highlighted in this Google Hangout include personalization of your brand and the increased ability to be found by search engines. In terms of the right and wrong ways to blog, adding visual interest through graphics and mixing it up by providing not only posts, but also interviews with industry experts, employee bios, and customer features are great ways to keep your blog content compelling. And the other side of that coin is businesses that post infrequently, fail to engage, or worse, have no blog to speak of.

Topic ideation requires more than just creativity – bloggers need to recognize their goals, determine how to make them searchable, and create content related to keywords. And of course, it is extremely important to promote your posts, as well as your blog in general, if you want to gain the many benefits associated with operating a business blog. So if you’re interested in learning some of the best ways to promote your small business blog, stick around until the end of this Google Hangout, where expert bloggers Gail Gardner, Crystal VanTassel, Kelli Miller and I share tips and tricks designed to help grow small business blogs.

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