Write Collective receives many questions pertaining to the services we offer and our business in general. In the hopes of answering your queries in an expedient manner, we have provided the following answers to some of the most common requests for information. If you don’t encounter your question below, please feel free to contact us so that we can ensure your satisfaction.

What are the benefits of having an on-site blog?
Is all of the content for the blog posts and articles 100% Unique?
I have trouble coming up with blog topics. Can Write Collective help me with that?
Can I provide you with specific keywords to use in the articles and blog posts?
Do you mind if we attribute the blog posts and articles to our staff members?
What can you tell me about Write Collective’s writers?
Do you include an image with each blog post?
Can I request a revision?
How does Write Collective’s billing work?
Can I cancel my blog subscription with Write Collective?
Does Write Collective work with agencies?
Where is Write Collective located?